OMR Solution

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OMR Custom Software

OMR Solutions Develops and Distributes various type of OMR Software which are used by various Institutes and Industries based on their requirement . It uses Normal Document Scanners or OMR Scanners to Capture the Data .

OMR Machine

OMR readers

OMR Readers are Computer Peripheral Device like Scanners which can be directly attached with the Computer, Uses OMR Sensors to accurately Capture the Data directly from the OMR Sheets .

OMR Machine

OMR Sheets

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet is one of the “security print document” which is configured in such a manner that it is difficult to reproduce by anyone else, but easy to be identified by the owner as original. We have expertise in providing OMR answer sheet which is check against forgery.

OMR Machine

support Support

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